Sep 7, 2009

5 more banks shut down, 89 in '09

According to the USAToday, 5 more banks were shuttered by regulators on Friday, 4th September, ahead of the Labor Day weekend.





First Bank

Kansas City, MO

$16 million

$15 million

Vantus Bank

Sioux City, IA

$458 million

$368 million


Oak Forest, IL

$212 million

$199 million

Platinum Community Bank

Rolling Meadows, IL

$346 million

$305 million

First State Bank

Flagstaff, AZ

$105 million

$95 million

1 comment:

royith said...

Whew! I don't see my bank listed here. Guess I should switch to one of the bigger banks like Bank of America just to be safe. They won't go under like these smaller banks.