Nov 2, 2016

Women better at paying their mortgages than men? Hell ya ...

This seems quite intuitive - but here it is backed up with some data.

Women are far better than men at paying their mortgages on time; shows a new report from Attom data solutions. It says that women are better with financials in general. Women, when compared to men, are less likely to go into a foreclosure.
Men have a slightly higher foreclosure rates than women where 73 out of 10,000 male homeowners versus 72 out of every 10,000 female homeowners.
The most interesting fact of this survey shows that, married men go into higher foreclosures than single men.  Of those who are married, 0.83% of men go into foreclosure compared to 0.66% of women. Single men, however beat women’s performance in finances. Single men have lower foreclosure rates than single women at 0.7% versus 0.73% respectively.