Sep 15, 2009

TX fees more than FL. Work with PrivoCorp !!

According to a new study done by, Texas charges more in origination, title and closing costs than Florida. Buyers of Florida homes are charged $3,368 in combined fees. Texas charges $3,655.

"Consumers need to keep a look out for the standard fees when figuring out the true cost of their new home," said Holden Lewis, senior reporter with"Even as the average closing costs go down across the nation, some these surprise costs can make your new home deal more expensive than you initially thought.

"Nationwide, the average origination and title fees on a $200,000 mortgage this year totaled $2,732, down from $3,118 in 2008.Ron Donalson, a principal with Tampa's Alday-Donalson Title Agencies of America,said "In most of the deals we're closing now, sellers are paying the closing costs," Donalson said. "And you have to remember, in states that use attorneys for closings, buyers have attorney fees to pay on top of the other fees."

Seems like more and more brokers and net branches in the state of Texas need to work with PrivoCorp in order to reduce the fees for their customers. PrivoCorp processes conventional and FHA loans in all states in the United States. Contact PrivoCorp for the best processing fees in the state of TX and other parts of the country including Florida.

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